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TechLifeForum is a unique place where anyone with or without much knowledge in the tech world can stay. Our forum is centralized around the idea of genuine support from people who take anything to do with today's technology as a personal hobby and wish to share that with others who share the same amount of interest.

Support is provided constantly in sections of today's technology such as computers, gaming, and other media. Some aspects we cover for computer information and support include Programming, Web Design, Hardware & Software, Crash Assistance, and much more.

Although our forum mainly consists of computer information and content, we do have a general media section for those that feel more comfortable talking about whatever is left in the tech world and having nothing to do with computers, like movies, music, and gaming for instance.

You'll find lots of people inside of a friendly community willing and able to help you out with almost any request you have on our forum however, as we do have quite a collection of some very advanced and knowledgeable members there!

You can check out the forum by following this link:

Please provide feedback as to how you think I can improve the forum, and I hope to see some of you guys there!

(Note: Theme WILL be changed to a premium theme soon specifically for our forum as a custom unique theme, so please keep that out of the feedback, thanks)
Its a nice forum site. Great Job bro plus 3
Thanks I appreciate the feedback Smile