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Full Version: How do you get a forum active?
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I have a forum and it seems like no one stays because the forum isn't active enough. I feel like if I could just jump start it and get at least 300 people on at the same time it would get active. What are some of your methods to getting a forum more active?
First you have to have something everyone wants, Then you need great staff.
Make sure it's attractive. Guests will come, visit your page and automatically get drawn into registering. I advertise my boards, I know a lot of people throughout the past and they're always willing to register to my websites and post. I'd recommend installing a colourful theme to begin with, try bringing a lot of features/plugins to your forums too; that should increase traffic and activity.
I honestly think the most important part is the content. Your friends. They need to know of it. Word of mouth I've found was the best way for websites to grow.


The hardest part for me was to get the first 100 people to join. After they joined, they started referring more and more people and the site just grew on its own : )

Bertha Gabe

They need to know of it. Word of mouth I've found was the best way for websites to grow.
My first forum,

Is only 4 months old and we've had such a crazy start.

First it was on the name and about a week later i hated ning and i switched to
and then i made the decision to move to where we have been for the past 3 months

My forum is 4 months old, 1,000 members(300 regular members aka members who regularly log on) and 26 or 27,000 posts.

I promote my ass tbh. It is a forum dedicated to popular young adult fiction where fans can all come together.
I find other places where I would have success in promoting members and I just invite them over.

I also have competitions & prize giveaways which is a good incentive provided you have the funds to give back to your community like that.

AN attractive site like anything else attractive brings members in.....then the content
but most of all, I found that building a relationship with each member and learning their names and personalities allows them to feel like they belong.

Just my thoughts Big Grin

Now i have to do it all again now that i just switched to mybb Big Grin
Give people what they want, if you're in a position were what you have is in demand (tutorials/tools etc.) charge for it, make your forum nice and appealing to the members... Host giveaways from time to time it will spread the word out about your forum and of course advertise on other bigger forums Big Grin
I made mine for pokemon lovers Tongue lol i got 400+ ppl
put themes which is attractive, freebies/contest, tutorial & tricks, invites friends also.