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Full Version: I have a couple of suggestions/ideas.
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Hello everyone.

I would like to suggestion the following plugins-
  • Reputation Editor - A plugin which will allow you to edit a members' overall reputation count. Not sure if there's already a plugin for this although I've searched around for a while and haven't found anything.

  • Post Activity Page - I know Labrocca already has this page on his website; HackForums. I haven't seen it released but I think if it were to be released it would make a great addition to many forums. This page displays the forums a member has posted in, descending from highest posts in whichever forum to the lowest amount of posts they've made in a certain forum.

  • I'll update on this plugin, forgot what I was requesting exactly.

I've looked around, couldn't find anything relating to the above suggestions. Also, I was wondering if it's possible to prevent certain usergroups from deleting Administrators reputations on their profiles.

Thanks a lot, best regards.

Labrocca is releasing Post Activity soon.

He told me via pm.
Plugins like these may be released by labrocca in the oncoming future.
As for Post Activity, that's fine. Bateyy asked him a while ago, he said he was going to release it soon.
Not sure if he forgot or just never got around to doing so. Thanks for the replies though.
Just making a suggestion for the reputation editor as of now, thank you.