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Full Version: Instant Subscription after Payment = WIN!
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Hello Everyone,

Just want to let you know my feedback about the instant subscription after you paid. Well, I thought i'll be waiting for lots of hours because i've seen some threads here about that. But I think Omni just made a new plugin which you'll be added to Subscribers as soon as possible when you paid for the subscription which is so cool. So I want to thank Omni for making that plugin. <3

I have seen a plugin called 'MySubscription' which does this? But not aware where I saw it.
yeah! is good
I run MyIPN which is my plugin. For a while I did all manual upgrading but I have it set now with automatic if you pay with PP.
Thank you massively JL, Factor and me will get less stressed now xD
Just out of curiosity, did you ever have any 'bad' subscribers?