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Full Version: Unable To Logout
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Hey All.

I just encountered a problem. When I try to log out of my site I get the following mesasge...

Quote:Your user ID could not be verified to log you out. This may have been because a malicious Javascript was attempting to log you out automatically. If you intended to logout, please click the Logout button at the top menu.

Now I recently download the Firefox Glow v2 and installed it to the site and it has done it since then.

Is anyone able to hep with this? Or should I post this on to the Firefox Glow v2 release thread?

The new theme must not have the proper logout prefix in the template. Check to see if it is correct.
Hey i gave it a shot at the replacement vars... Got this message...

Quote:Template Search Results
No templates were found containing the string '&sid={$session->sid}'

Chris Wrote:That should update any incorrect templates.

Incase it doesn't, open up the "header_welcomeblock_member" template and perform the replacement yourself.
i've had this problem too Sad
I think that program might be spyware?