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Full Version: How can i fix this?
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Hello, I have a problem with my theme and i need to fix this asapSad

Here is a image of the problem-
[Image: 4012a8cc5b160fd4b441b8dcae1aa97a.png]

Its the thread box problem and im trying to fix it and it wont workSad

Please help meSad
Download the editor CSS from FTP and edit the CSS.
I believe it's located, root/jscripts/editor/default/stylesheet.css
Reply when you find it and I'll let you know what you need to change
Ok i edited it via FTP and its not working i think its my hosting so im going to check it out Smile
Do you run Cloudflare?

color: #000;

.messageEditor .editor_dropdown_menu li
Yes i do run cloudflare and i tried that on my FTP :/
This issue has been resolved via Skype.
Cloudflare cache needed purging