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Full Version: Can anyone make me a mybb theme? (paying)
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Yea im new to here but ive seen some peoples work and i was wondering if anyone here would be up to making my gaming community a custom website like this one but have the background gray matching the top header color and have the color theme blue and grey like the header. My gaming community is called xRequiem and currently have this webasite im wanting to upgrade from.

The color scheme ive seen on other websites i want closly matches one of this website

Ill be paying via paypal just name your prices and we can negotiate.

The one work i linked to was made by this member BleepyEvans btw.
I created the ForumKorner theme.

Heres my official thread:
Like the icons of the site forumkorner would like to add it to my forum which I want to create in my site so was just wondering will it be possible to use those icon set except background template??

wheel stops
I'm new and I'm interested in this topic. Thank you!
great info as always
can someone please me help ?
Hello everybody! I am also interested in answering this question.