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Hey whenever I try and register the captcha code isnt showing up

like this: [Image: e2ab2bc735584e0cb712428.png]

any way of fixing this. i replaced my captcha.php and not working. i edited it in my templates and still not working.

please help
Have you tried with other browsers? Maybe its not forum's problem?
Contact your webhost, they might have disabled the function for that in PHP.

I had the same problem with my forum.
Aswell the suggestion above, you could always upgrade to reCaptcha.
Its not the browser and I have contacted my web host for help. Thanks for the suggestions and I will tell you all if this is fixed. Smile
gr8 Tongue Tongue Tongue
Ok. I it is not my browser. Is there any other files that I need to make captcha work besides captcha.php?
Well like I said, use reCaptcha, its free and much more secure.