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MyBB Addict is a forum for dedicated MyBB fanatics, if you're looking for custom themes, custom plugins, unique tutorials, and insight on running your forum this is the place to go. We have over 25 downloads in our database, including user made plugins, themes, and resources all available to you for free. We have over 75 quality tutorials written just for MyBB Addict that will help make your board a success and will make it unique. We have very knowledgeable and experienced posters that will also give you support if you post in our support section. Everything you need to know about MyBB can be found here.

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Alright I'm glad minds have been opened here. But I'm still curious:
what errors did you make that I "directly pasted?" Because I swear I pasted nothing from your global.css into my file.
(Feb 12, 2012, 09:40 PM)Philly Wrote: [ -> ]I think its pathetic that you are opening a theme selling website, and you can't even make your own theme. That is extremely sad if you ask me. Bleepy I suggest you report him to dmca, and get his site shutdown.
(Feb 12, 2012, 09:39 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]
(Feb 12, 2012, 08:16 PM)BleepyEvans Wrote: [ -> ]Not like you copied my theme or anything?

Good luck with your site. Learn to create your own theme and not steal peoples ideas.
Its not like you even changed my code.

See notice on your forum.

He didn't copy your site. Similar color scheme at best which you can't claim copyright.

I thought when someone uses the same code as you but just changes things a tiny bit would be considered copyright. Guess not. :/

I understand Bleepy is your friend and I am your enemy because you opened fire on the community at Support Forums: but please don't make ignorant comments like this. Css commands are not copyright theft, and it isn't even morally wrong to share them with another forum.
It could be something from the default MyBB theme, im not sure but theres a few random double spaces and no spaces which occur in the same places. I shouldnt effect the outcome of the theme, but its just something that caught my eye.

Also a quick suggestion, you panel background only has a moz gradient. So the gradient wont appear in other browsers but firefox.
The tool I use is this site:
This is the site I always use:

And thanks I'll fix that issue. But yeah random spaces are not "errors"
I use the one I posted because you can import gradients from images and CSS and it has tonnes of presets and its very similar to photoshop haha Xd

Yer in my mind they are, I hate inperfections.
When I had that theme issue I was talking about on MyBB, I was up for 31 hours making the new theme so I could get the forum online ASAP.
Wow...that site has some awesome features. Much better than what I use.

I'll be using that in the future.
I stumbled across it when looking for a color wheel xD
Cool, my next template will be using gradients generated by that site. Working on it atm.
Some shameless bumping.
AWESOME forum man! Great from MyBB forum owners. I am a member myself Smile
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