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Full Version: Thoughts on creating fake accounts?
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What are your thoughts on creating fake accounts to help increase activity and post count on your forum?

I personally thought it was a bad idea but I was surprised at how much people rank your forum depending on the activity on it, I wish I had done it when my forum started off although saying that it probably could do with it now xD
I tried it on one of my vB forums, didn't increase activity at all, but I have heard success stories.
Yer, you there's also people offering to post in your forum in return for $
That seems like a waste to me though
If you can do it with quality and precision the content will help your site.
(Feb 14, 2012, 03:05 AM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]If you can do it with quality and precision the content will help your site.

Yeah I agree. Sometimes It can help a forum when It's starting out.
Like Labrocca said if you can make quality posts from that 'fake account' then i believe it could help out your site in a way, however if you just create a bunch of accounts and spamm your own site with content such as "awesome forum..i like" or "nice tutorials etc..." then lets be real you're only fooling yourself.
I think lots of forums will have tried it at some point could work like the guys said
I don't like the idea.
Try to promote and build original content. Once your trick exposed people will quit using ur forum.