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Full Version: LegitPlastic
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[Image: logo55b.png]
I am currently the new owner of

It is currently a black hat hacker site. We do however have a resident white hat that can get rid of virussss for us.

The site is brand spanking new!

To do list:
  1. Fix minor color mistakes
  2. Find new theme for the site
  3. Add "awards" plugin
  4. Add "donation" plugin
  5. Add other tid bits
  6. Get more members!

If you are interested, please come by and check us out! Smile
Hi, theme looks nice and dark.

Id suggest using the Tabbed Menu plugin here, so you can organize the forum catergories

I dont see why your theme has 'Mark All Forums Read | Forum Team | Forum Statistics' after every catergory. They all do exactly the same thing, so you only really need it once.

Advertising prices arent good though, you wont get $15 a month for a new forum with 7 members.