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Full Version: [HOW TO] dynamic meta tags in index, forums, threads?
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these days I decided to optimize MyBB forum, but I realized that there are no settings about meta tags (description, keywords).

I'm using Google SEO, and Keyword Generator for urls, etc. and dynamic keywords in topics (not in index!). Then for meta description I find your mod that puts dynamic meta description, but static keywords. So I'm wondering if I can use theme both, before buy a membership.

P.S.: I use vBulletin and vBseo, too and I'm wondering why MyBB has not a similar plugin... :/
As you said the GoogleSEO plugin adds dynamic descriptions in the threads and forums but not the index.
You might get a conflict by using the plugin with GoogleSEO so what I would do is add Meta keywords to the headerinclude template and then add a meta description to the index template. That way every page is covered with one version of each.

I was quite surprised that GoogleSEO didnt put anything in the index, but it is no biggy to put it in yourself Smile
Ok, but then I'll have double meta keywords and meta description in my page...
If you add it just to the index, you wont have double.
Oh yeah, fot a moment I've thought to put them in Header Include. LOL
However, it's necessary to put them even in Forumdisplay and other pages, except for showthread. (:
Yer I guess.
There should me an alternate setting for it, but there isnt.