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Full Version: How to make a plugin from script
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I've a stand alone script in php. I would to integrate in my MyBB 1.6 Forum. I know that without php plugin is not possible add custom php in MyBB. Considering that I'm using conditional plugin, I can't use php plugin and I think I could create a plugin to execute my script... BUT I'm not able to make a plugin using external php file,. Can somebody help me in undestand how to do?
If you could supply the script and what the overall effect your after then it shouldnt be too hard to do.
It's for my site only. So, I would be very grateful if you can explain me, more or less, how works a plugin with an external script in php.
There is a template and tutorial somewhere where.
It's created by Labrocca and might be in the 1.4 section
Ok, thank you. (: