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Full Version: Help, No smilies/Font options
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Okay so ive been having trouble with my sites smilies, they don't seem to be showing all that it appears is a link like:
as well as the font options arent there, they were never there to begin with Sad im so confused not sure what to do. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

So far i know its not a plugin causing this, Ive tried numerous fixes including running the: UPDATE mybb_users SET showcodebuttons = '1' command on the db and nothing, i also know its not the clickable smilies options =/ its never happened before with other themes ive used just this one.

[Image: MpVRz.jpg]
Search for editor in the AdminCP search box.
And check the setting to enabled.
As bleepy said if that dosent work then try contacting mybb it may be a problem with their coading.
^ " try contacting mybb it may be a problem with their coading " ...
the issue might have been already fixed yet let me respond to above referred comment. it can not be a problem with MyBB coding
it could be a conflict between MyBB's script and other scripts - esp. jQuery
Thanks Bleepy but i don't know where to find that the only editor i see is 'Clickable MyCode Editor' and its ON. Sad
Ok ill help you out but you have PMs disabled.
1 Month ago:
Hi Darkwin,

I had the same problem once. The solution was to set back all the templates to the original. Because: The templates you modified by yourself will not be refreshed during an upgrade, so it can be that some "old" templates will cause some Java-Functions to crash.

By setting them back to the original they will be updated automatically. Afterwards you can modify them again. I did that and everything worked fine.

Have a nice day,