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Full Version: Myps betting add on
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Hi, Could someone please tell me where to fnd this download?
Awesome. Thanks!
Where do I go to change the font color the MyBet page?

Also, can you set who can create bets?

Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place.
It uses the css-classes of MyBB; probably smalltext. Or create your own css class and assign it to the necessary <td> .

Anyone with the adminpermission "Can Manage MYPS" == 'yes' , can add bets.
Ok, I have everything except for making the text of the bets bigger. Any suggestions?
Should be in the 'mybet_bet' template; change font-size.
how do i change the background color of the betting table?

also, could you explain how to input odds? i came from vbookie so i am lost lol

thank you
sjeez, it uses the MyBB classes ... change those if you want another color.
And odds, ever been on a betting site ? And if vBookie places bets without odds, you probably can't earn much with it ...
And you decide what you put as odds ... ;
Ex. Liverpool (1.35) vs New Castle(4.25) ;
Liverpool is better than New Castle, so many people will place a bet on it; you as a bookie don't want that people earn much with 1 single bet, so you give it a low odd ( at least 1; else you can't win with it ); New Castle doesn't has many chance of winning against Liverpool, not many will place a bet on it, so that odd can be higher ...
So if i bet $10 on Liverpool; i can win $13,5.
ah, it wasnt that it didnt have odds, but it was just a different way of inputing them

i get it now tho, it just didnt look familiar Sad

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