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Full Version: Can't login to the ACP
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Hi, I just changed the promotion settings, and I believe thats what my issue is, but I'm unsure.
I go to my ACP, and then attempt to login, and login (with the correct info)
and it automatically redirects me back to the same page, yet it doesn't tell me I entered it incorrectly.
Any ideas?
I am still a super admin in /inc/config.php, yet I don't have admin powers on the site.
*edit, I don't have the links on my site in the header either.
try checking the plugin for an index.html file or delete the whole plugin that caused this.
What are the contents of your htaccess file in your admin directory?
I am having a similar issue, I hope you dont mind me posting here. I tried to change my 'admin' name in the inc/config.php file and it didn't work. I changed it right back and now I cannot login to my pages Admin CP. I am getting a 404 error "other things to try Google search: Admin Index"

I cant edit anything on my forum, what can I do?
If you have backup, just use the previous backup.
I fixed it, or someone helping me did, I am pretty sure we just figured out what it was I changed and then changed it back.
I have the same problem Sir Dice, can u share how did you fix? or PM me, i need it badly, i cant change anything on my site...

Thank you....
Thank You Smile
I'm having the same issue here. When I first installed myBB, I was able to log into the ACP and change whatever settings I needed to. This morning, I went to log into ACP to set up other administrators and had a similar scenario to the above. Entered information, submit, and the page refreshes like nothing happened.

Actually was an easy fix. Cleared browser cookies. Overthought it Smile