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Full Version: Dying for Advice
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I could end this thread with that one word alone, but I wont, I need any suggestions tips, and advice I can get from someone who knows their way around MyBB. Some of the features I am looking for include:

My forum is different, it isn't about computers, it isn't a copy of hf, it isn't paid, it isn't really your average forum. The guy J Labrocca, how does he do it? The guys a genius really I can't imagine.

a little about me: I never used to really like computers much about a year ago. I was into writing, blogging, and exercising. One day I got scammed from a roommate of mine who stole everything I had-- thousands of dollars --I was left out on the street and had nothing for about 2 months. So I started looking for him on the computer, and I found him. I don't know what happen to him after all, I used a background check and found alot of his info and other resources and sent the info off to "anonymous". Anyways, I was left with a passion for computers. I had a falling out with some friends at an old forum I loved very much, so I began my own, and I enrolled in college this past semester in two computer courses.

I signed up with MyBB about 2 days ago. I love it. What can I say? It is superb and I am looking forward to creating an exciting an unique forum.

For now I am just looking for some help in the right direction for a few of those notes above. I already know where to find userbars- its still on my to-do list. I am really interested in finding the plug in for the shinning usernames, how many views my site has per day, Googlebot, and a blog section.


Hey, that's an interesting story Big Grin
Hope you got your equipment back after all.

Sorry for a merely social and less technical answer, but since I just got here myself,
I won't be able to show you around, just wanted to express my maze about your story.

Good luck
when you said Google Bot, you want that Google should index the forum. if so, Google does it automatically. Depending on your
forum nature, you may sign-up for Google webmasters program so that you can submit site map for the Google Engine crawls.

for blogs, at present MyBB does not have such system. However you can use WordPress or Joomla or just html pages as the Home.

total daily views : for this you may sign-up for Google Analytics program or use , .. etc.
MyBB also has stats details at admin panel and also at front end for general public / members (forum url / stats.php)

ALL other required things have plugins or tutorials on this site or at the official MyBB community or at some other sites.
Yep you just answered everything I was looking for. Of course there is much work to do to complete it, but that is half the fun. I appreciate the moment to link me those options and fill in the unknown you took to help.