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Full Version: My Awards 2.4
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This is a great plugin! Thanks for this.
I don't suppose this would easily work with 1.8?
How to make it to work for 1.8 ?
(Oct 16, 2014, 11:14 AM)GBLTeam Wrote: [ -> ]How to make it to work for 1.8 ?

The plugin you added to inc/plugins and change compatibility from 16* to 18*.
I have tested with MyBB 1.8 is working now. Also, What it said ^^^
is this still being supported, and is it being updated for 1.8?[/align]
That's what I'm wondering, how easy is it to implement new awards also?
I doubt it will be updated specifically for 1.8 - however it does work with 1.8. I don't think it'll work with 2.0 though, but that's a good four years away I'd guess.
uff, at least it works.
Hope Labrocca update his plugins to 1.8
Any way at all to get so that members who have donated automatically get an award (or display a specific award for everybody in a certain group)?