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Full Version: How to hide posts from guests but allow google to view
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Hi i am trying to set my forum so guests can view the thread titles but cant view the posts inside. I also need to make it so google can index the posts still just not the guests but the permissions wont allow me to do that with hide private forums set to yes in acp for my vip section and all the plugins i have tried makes google view the no permissions page when trying to view the posts.
You will need to create a group just for bots and place all bots in that group from the bots menu.
Thank's for the reply. I have tried doing that but google still sees the no permission page when trying to view a thread and if i put google in it's own bot group with the permissions it says 0 users are in that group which would be correct i think as google is not a registered user. I am thinking the guests can't view threads plugin is making google view the no permission pages even though i have allowed that group to see them.