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[Image: ZOETm.png]

What's Pokémon Talk?
-Pokemon Talk is an active and friendly Pokemon Forum. Discuss anything under the sun, everything about Pokemon. Talk about Pokemon and other things that's much related to it. It's now been officially launched. We have added our very own custom theme and some more features. Smile

Simple, yet elegant.
-Although it's a simple Pokemon Forum, it's still elegant and good looking in the eyes. We strive for the best and enjoyment of our dear members. That's why we'll do anything for them to enjoy.

Register Now!
-So yeah, what are you waiting for? Go and register now so you can participate on the discussions and be a part of our Pokemon Forum. Register here.

Forum Stats:
-Our members have made a total of 5,843 posts in 524 threads.
We currently have 162 members registered.
I like the style and the layout. I'm afraid I cannot say something about pokemon since I am not into this stuff Smile

But anyway, looks nice
dammm like the style and the layout

very nice look...thinking of making same like u Smile
Glad that you guys like the theme. Big Grin
Looks like a cool site, I signed up and looking forward to being active in this community.
Thanks, and welcome.
Posts increased from 634 to 731. It's really active. We can reach 100 posts a day as a new forum which is a great news indeed.
We've just reached 1k+ posts! It's a great achievement indeed for a new forum.
Pretty cool theme, you could improve on the background image though Tongue
What pokemon should I add instead?
We're celebrating Fire Week, trainers!
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