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Full Version: How Many Domains Do You Currently Own?
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I personally only own 3 domains. In total ive owned 4.
I am not one for quiting on a project, I like to have my full attention in one place.

Vote for the number of domains you currently own, not your total.
Thanks Big Grin
Currently 4-5 domains, active only 1.
I own appx. 13 domains Big Grin and all of the sites are active!
Think I have around 13 lost count now Though lol
I am currently using 4 domains. Its all are active. 3 domains forward to blogger.

One of the Best engineering college in Punjab none than others.


i currently own 5 domains Wink
I have no idea, about 10 maybe at the moment


3 domains pl Smile
Just bought another 2 today.
I own 3 domains Smile
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