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Full Version: New Website :)
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Just finished a tribute to an oldie.

And I bet most forum members here think The Bionic Woman is some Brunette running around on NBC these days LOL


If your old enough to remember the original, I hope you like it.

Wow. Nice site! Usually on forums people post their site and it looks like absolute crap, and then all the other amateurs chime in and say it's great. But that site looks nice, and functions nice as well. Job well done!
Thank you!

You should have seen my first site LOL

But, play and learn.

The only thing that bugs me (not that I advocate using Internet Explorer) is that the flash preloaders dont work in IE - leaving the impression that it's a dead link.

Looking into it.

Thanks again,

it doesen't loading. it says that the connection is timed out. why isn't it working ?
Server issues - thats actually a first with this company

All better Smile

What theme is installed on this website?
thanks you
There is no "theme" - all of the graphics are designed to fit whatever page is being displayed.

The color palette was chosen from an Adobe graphics palette.

The rest I did myself.

Looks good overall. However I think you could do better with the buttons.
I agree - and I dont like the smileys either.

But, all in good time

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