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[Image: 7_logo.png]

I just recently finished all the forums on my site, and it's all set up and ready for members.

We have very mature staff, graphics pros here (exempt the logo :whistle: ) , IPB 3.2.3 forums, experienced site developer, premium skin, and more!

We are a friendly gaming, graphics, market, and so much more community. We are far aware of the shitty domain, but we're currently working on getting a more fitting domain and this being a redirect, but we have no paypal.

If you're looking to be on a great site then come join us, we are very nice.

We are looking for great members and active members, we just made the site a few days ago, but we are a growing community. Our last gaming site had 200 members in 14 days, so expect us to grow rapidly!

Come join us, what's there to lose? We have staff openings every hundred members until we hit 1,000 then it's every 500 or 1000 depending on how good we're doing.