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Full Version: How to automatically add new line on award after receiving 4 awards?
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Is there a way when a specific user have recevied 4 awards, I want to show the other awards in new line, like below the 4 awards. As the classic postbit is bending, and it could ruin the theme. Thanks!
It should automtically break as it reaches the border.
If I remember correctly.

So you just see a long line of awards?
When there are 5, it already bends. And I want to break it with only 4.
Can you link us to a page with the issue or show us a screenshot?
I got the same issue.

Here's a screenshot, from my forum though.
[Image: eUDW7.png]
As I mentioned previously, I thought it broke when it reached the border. Obviously I was mistaken, but I don't use the classic post it so I can't check anyway.
Just out of curiosity what browser are you using and if possible I still need a link to your forums.
Add css to the plugin file for a width parameter.
At my forums, I added max-width; 50px; to the css classes trow1 and trow2 to avoid this.
But surely that would limit the body of the thread aswell?
Ill look into this now.
$awards = "<span style=\"white-space:normal; width: 100%;\">";
$awards = "<div style=\"width:50px;margin:0 auto;\"><span style=\"white-space:normal;\">";

There should be two instances of the above. 1 for Classic and one for the default.
Change the 50px to the max with you would like.
What template is it?
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