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When we talk about website designing, a thought of complicated and tough task comes into our mind. Well, it is true that web designing was very complicated task, but only before the launch of CMS. Content Management System makes it so easy to maintain your website by your own, even if you don't have knowledge of web designing and web development . WordPress is one of the widely used CMS, that is very easy to install as well as maintain. You can easily edit and modify the content of your website according to your need and for SEO purpose also. Following are some factors that will show the benefits of using WordPress for your website.

1) Installation – It is very easy to install WordPress. There are web hosting providers, those have WordPress in their services and make your task easier. So, there is no need to use FTP for uploading the files to server. Just logging to the web host panel and click on Fantastio icon. When you will find link for WordPress there, just click on that, that would lead to the installation of WordPress software.

2) Customization – Once you have installed WordPress software, there would be number of default theme/templates of WordPress web design shown to you. Hundreds of default templates of WordPress are available over internet .You can use anyone of them for your website. Now logging to your admin panel and click on the settings, from where you can change your theme as per your need.

3) Maintenance- To maintain your website, just log in to the admin panel. From there, it becomes very easy to maintain the website. You can add, delete or edit the content as well as pictures from your blog post. There is no need to have knowledge of HTML to maintain the website, when you are working on WordPress. To work with WordPress website, you will find the ease like you would have worked on word file. You can easily maintain a wordpress website, like a wordpress developer can do for you.

4) Search Engine Friendly – This is the most useful factor of WordPress. It also helps in creating such URLs, those are search engine friendly. Search engine plug-ins are also available there in order to create such titles and description tags, those make a website search engine friendly.

5) RSS Feed – This is one of the most important aspect of WordPress that this software has an inbuilt RSS feed. Every blog post build in WordPress will comprise of RSS feed. And any visitor to this website can subscribe your feed. They just have to click on RSS feed and your content get subscribed with their RSS read.

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