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Full Version: iDiscussions - New Discussion Board
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iDiscussions is a discussion board which opened a couple of weeks ago. It is where members can be social with some of the great plugins such as a shout box, status updates as well as the forum of course. We are adding a new theme very soon as this is very basic to start off with.

We have a competition going as well where the member with the most amount of posts in one month wins £20 with other great forum-related prizes which is worth checking out!

Feel free to suggest ways to improve it and we are replacing the default buttons such as the "New Thread" very soon.
There are THOUSANDS like this. If you expect members, I would think of something unique. SEO is also very important in your case. As for the forum itself, I like the theme, but it needs some improving! For example, you could add a background to make it seem less plain. Also, I suggest you get a new logo.