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[Image: 15078252.png]

☆ Hello and a BIG warm welcome from WebRant staff ☆

Thank you for visiting us at WebRants, If you have a Rant that you simply wish to make public. Then let off some steam and Register NOW. ITS FREE,!

WebRants is the place to make ALL your day to day Rants public.
Come on in and have a good old Rant. We have Rants for Fun, serious, Sports, Games, News, and much more.

All feedback is much appreciated ! We are also looking for moderators for the different forums !
I like the logo, but I wouldn't want to be a member in a forum with that theme. I see that you have MyAwards set-up. Based on the site subject, I am assuming that you will obtain a "mature" audience. Awards are not a successful marketing technique for an older age group.

I wish you the best in your site! Smile
what is wrong with the theme ? and its aimed at all ages groups, just for ranting, you could rant about school if they wanted, thanks Cronus !