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Full Version: Mybb 1.6 not showing text on posts
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Hi guys I have a strange problem with my site. sometimes when someone posts a new thread, or reply to a post all of their text does not show all of the time.

but if I was to click edit I can se all of their text, any idea what this can be. also I have changed themes but still does it. I run latest version.

Thanks inadvance for any advice
it does man u dont know how
I don't know what you mean all text does not show properly or less its some wrong setting
Do you have text color the same as background?
hi Tobe no I have tried two templates and still doing it really have no idea what it is Thanks for your reply
What version of MyBB are you using? Because I've seen this happen before.
There's a bug, in MyBB 1.6.4 or .5 I believe, that is when someone puts an extra /quote in the post, it completely disappears.
Thanks for the info I have just upgraded to new version i was using Mybb 1.6.6 but still does it I will have a play around very good point you mentioned Thank you