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Full Version: Spam bots
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Hey guys,

I'm just in need of some help with guruforums, so basically, first day, 30 members, but the majourity of them are completely outrageous, they're spam bots, advertising poker sites, probably humans, and posting all this history kind of things.


I've blocked their IP from the forum, but it's more then 1 person, about 25.

I'd really appreciate some tips, because it's getting a bit too much, and I really don't know how to run a forum with that.

Is there anyway I can do it? and how are they finding my forum without advertisement.

Thank you!
I think having capcha on will prevent bots from registering
where we find that CAPCHA setting On?
Use recaptcha or add security questions, if you add security questions then you have more of a chance of preventing them, Spam bots cannot read security questions or answer them.

Configuration >> Registration options >> Captcha settings

or something like that, also add security questions via your ACP
You could use this plugin this plugin will stop most of the spam bots from joining.