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Full Version: Custom On/Off/Locked Icon for Forum Links
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My website is at
I have a forum that is setup as a link. It links to a Shadowbane game installer. How would I go about changing the folder icon with a custom icon?
I would only need to do this for forums that are set to be Forum Links.

I would also like to display the number if redirects in the blank space to the right of the forum name and description, but I am mostly worried about changing the icon.

I've looked into adding custom forum icons beside the folder icons for every forum but that just isnt what I want. Since the forum is just a link there wil never be new posts so I dont need the standard on/off images.

Any suggestions?
I was thinking I'd need to run an If statement before the script that detects if there is new posts or not then displays the corresponding image. Something like

If Forum is Forum Link
Then SpecialIcon.gif
(Normal code here)

Obviously that isnt real code, but does this seem like the best way to approach it?