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Full Version: A little problem with forum jump like 100 times
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[Image: 20120408221039.png]

[Image: 20120408221051.png]

[Image: 20120408221109.png]

Can you please help me fix this?
Maybe you got hacked? The jump menu cause a high load on the server. Its possible someone is trying to call a bunch of jump menus to bog your site down?
It is possible someone is trying to ddos me but I HIGHLY doubt it
it just showed up over the weekend
and ddosed and hacked are WAY different
I'd just disable forum jumps. Not that many things that could be causing it, but I dont feel like helping anymore so thats my advice Smile
How do you disable forum jump?
(Apr 09, 2012, 12:30 PM)zackrussell Wrote: [ -> ]How do you disable forum jump?

Try typing that question in google, with mybb somewhere in the string.. People are here to help not spoonfeed.