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Full Version: Two questions [Labrocca <3]
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Ok, so how do you get the rules box at the top of the forums.

[Image: 7a81c88105cd5604be7cee328613cfe9.png?1334060276]

2# How do you stop it from making your forum go to the stop every time you click a tab (Tabbed Menu)
The tab menu is probably using "#" tags to tell the browser where to jump. You will need to find this tag and move it further down the template so the browser doesnt jump every time.
The rules question is pretty simple, too. Go to ACP > Forums & Posts > Forum Management > My Forum (or whatever the name is) > Additional Forum Options (scroll down) > Forum Rules and edit it to whatever you want it to say.
2. You likely have a template error. Follow the troubleshooting guide.
Labrocca the legend.