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Air Release Valves

Scuba BCD´s will often have three release valves plus a different one near the inflator valve. The first is situated around the back usually around the right hands side, another on top right hands side and also the third on top left hands side and that one you are able to pull together with your inflator valve hose.

Weight Integration and pros / cons

These scuba BCD´s that include integrated weights really are a marvel but not they are able to too burden you.

If you decide to here is another you does not need to be worried about unwanted weight belt. However, for me, if you need to walk a little towards the boat having a scuba BCD which has weight integration it may be a little of the load. I would rather possess the weights like a belt throughout my waist.

Without doubt that just in case of the emergency you are able to fall off your weights fast however again if you want to submerge again for reasons uknown, you can´t since your positively buoyant.

Having your scuba BCD with integrated weights right into a boat after appearing can too be a little of the task. I´ve seen pals of mine by using this system and following a dive they take away the weights in the BCD before climbing in to the boat and sometimes…Oops, there goes fat loss!


How big the pockets of the scuba BCD should permit you to fit additional gear in, just like a slate or small light, safety sausage and so forth.


Rings the same shape as a “D” are fantastic to clip-on extra gear. Make certain your BCD has a minimum of a couple of them. You could increase the on if required.

scuba diving