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It's that time that I'm finally ready to showcase my project that's been in planning and development for the past few months. Without further adue, let me begin.

[Image: sigadtwo.png]

I'd like to announce my brand new forum,! We're a forum dedicated to all types of iOS (and OSX) gaming. We're a community who share tips 'n tricks, reviews, hints, walkthroughs and guides towards all the hottest games in the iOS community and on the app store.

What makes us unique?
iOSNut is run, owned and populated by lovers of Apple. All of our staff and members are iOS and Apple enthusiast with a keen interest in gaming, and taking advantage of Apple's touch devices to further enhance their experience. We hold competitions for prizes such as iTunes gift vouchers. Apart from that, we have the basic forum uniqueness such as a beautiful custom theme designed by Connor L. and coded by yours truly.

Something special:
We like to think of iOSNut as a network for iOS Gamers. To enhance the abilities of this, we have our very own nudges system put in place which allows users to receive notifications based of various criteria. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Current competition:
We currently have a competition known as the iOSNut Doodle Jump Competition - where you have the ability to win a $10 iTunes gift voucher and more. Read more by clicking on the announcement on the site.

I'm looking for some good constructive criticism on the site, let me know what you think should be changed, added or taken away. I'm really excited about this and I hope that you'll take the time to check it out. Smile

Does anyone have any feedback? Smile