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Full Version: How Do I Speed Up My Forum? It's Running VERY Slow!
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Hey everyone! My forum has been VERY slow lately. It's It takes about 30 seconds to get to the first page. Sometimes, it even takes up to 45 seconds. I've looked around and couldn't find anything on how to speed up my forum. I've concluded that this might be the problem: I have 2 of every single setting! In the Configuration tab, there is 2 settings of every single setting! For example - there is 2 of "General Configuration" and 2 of "Board Online / Offline" and this is how it is for every setting. Also, if I click on one of the settings, there are 2 of the same options for every setting! Is this the reason why my forum is running EXTREMELY slow? If so, how can I delete the duplicate settings? If not, how can I make my forum load faster? My Forum is on a paid hosting plan with GoDaddy so the hosting isn't an issue. GoDaddy said the forum was an issue and to contact MyBB. I really need my Forum to run faster! Please help. Thanks.
It isn't slow for me, maybe just you and your isp problem.
Just download the database, install fresh MyBB and use database.
Perhaps its just your internet? It doesn't run slow for me.