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Full Version: MyBB 1.2.12 compatible skins??
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what skins are compatible with MyBB 1.2.12??
All 1.2 skins, and I've actually had success with a 1.1 skin, but some editing was involved.
hehe, ok, thanks Big Grin
Actually, almost all the themes need to be modified a lil bit, becoz there are some code modified in mybb 1.2.12
Usually about log out problems (SID) and permission
Depends on the theme if the header template is modified or not. It's easy to undo those changes though.
I've found very few issues with installing themes into 1.2.12 from 1.2.x, 1.2.10 or before and even a couple of 1.1 themes that required very little modifying at all. That said, there have been a few which have been a little more fiddly than that. Tongue
I dunno
Which ones are fully compatible? One of the reasons I choose MyBB is that I am a lousy coder ;-) SY
^Me too, my current theme I love but it seems to have so many coding issues. I've reverted nearly every setting in admin to the default, but still have some issues. I sadly will have to change themes I guess because its above me to figure out the coding :-)
Any news on this, no list which themes are compatible? SY
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