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Full Version: Buy into Usergroup
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I need a plugin that allows people to buy themselves into a certain usergroup.

I can't find it, and I really need it.
That was from LeX- addon for MYPS .. Let see if he release here or some where else Smile
I'm pretty sure that FireFoxWiz has that on her forum. You might want to ask her if she still has the zip file.
How about the attached one?! Tongue have fun with it
Members are gonna love this for VIP.
Thanks for the mod so much Big Grin

Ok i installed it but one question. Where do the members go to do this?
I'm pretty sure they go to their UserCP. It's in the same area where they would choose available groups.
Thanks this is really helpful Smile

I was needed that too.
I believed at least few of you already using it
I am not really understand with the setting of the amount the system will deduct MYPS since it is using % rather than unit (more straight forward if using unit compare to using %, I think)
can anyone of you help me?

thank you in advance
Thanks DonNemesis, very helpful add-on.
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