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Full Version: Chat Arena - General Chat community!
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Site Name: Chat Arena - General Chat Community!
Site URL: Click Here!

Description: Welcome to the Chat Arena showcase topic! I am currently aiming to be making the biggest general chat / discussion forum using the MyBB forum software. I have added a few boards and categorys to the forum, I will be adding plenty more when the activity on the forum picks it self up. So then are you a chatter and looking for a perfect community forum to discuss anything and everything that matches the rules? then you have found the right place. Register today and start posting!

I am going to be doing a lot of SEO, even though it will take time to get a good rank in the Search Engines. I am going to be spending almost all my time on this forum to help pick up the activity, I am looking to be gaining at least 100 posts a day by myself. Plenty more boards and discussions will be added once the boards that are available now are full.

Thank you for visiting, and I am hoping to be seeing you soon!

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