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Full Version: MyBB - Moderator settings mucked up [Help Please]
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Hey guys,

I've been mucking around with the template pages lately trying to fix my tabbed menu problem and I seem to have messed up my moderator options in the process.

Here are the issues:

The mod/admin options in the profile are out of place

Remove posts not working
When I select a post to delete the go (0) doesn't change to the amount of posts selected.

I click deleted posts anyway and I get this message:

Deleting posts in threads
As you can see when I click delete post the URL takes me to editpost. The URL is in the bottom left.
[Image: GM8BA.png]
I'm thinking this is due to an unclosed tag in a template so the edit post covers edit and delete. I'm not sure where this template is though.

Please can somebody help Smile

~The Host
I am able to help you out, if you still need help of course.
Just message me with your team viewer details, and i'll fix them for you Smile