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Full Version: Moving Threads
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Hello all....hope you can help... Rolleyes

I am wondering is there a way to move threads from one forum to another and NOT go to the new forum after moving the threads but stay where you were before the move.....

Hope you can understand what I mean...
Welcome world!
I didn't quite get what you mean, but here are a few ideas and answers of what I think you we're trying to say :

You are viewing a thread, but want to move it to a different section, How is this done?
Answer : Simple! Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you'll see some Moderator options, click on the drop down bar and then click "Move" or "Move thread", it'll soon take you to the ModCP and you'd be able to change the destination of the thread there.
Note - You may have to delete the thread after the move, sometimes this issue can happen!

An another question which relates to the same answer above^

You are viewing a thread, but you want to leave it in the current section, but have a duplicate copy else were? How is this done?

Hope this was able to help you, if you require any more assistance please be free to contact me!

(May 05, 2012, 12:05 AM)csaktoltenijottem Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome world!

I sniff a spam bot!
Thanks for the answer....not quite what i wanted....
let me try and explain.

say you have forum1 and forum2
and you need to move threads from forum1 to forum2

you go to forum1 and select the threads that need moving and then go to inline thread moderation and select move and click go
you then select which forum to move threads to (in this case forum2)and click go again.

now the threads that you selected are moved to forum2 and so are you (what i mean is, you are now in forum2)

the question there a way to move the threads but stay in forum1.