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Full Version: store mod for selling merchandise?
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i'm looking for other mybb forum owners who have experience selling merchandise with their brand/logo on it. is there a way to integrate this type of "web store" into the mybb interface? am i best off using paypals purchasing system and pasting it onto a general mybb page? any tips are appreciated.
Well...currently there isn't anything that you describe. There are a number of ways to achieve way you request though. One is a plugin but that's complex. The other is as you say...just make a template page and add the correct html from paypal.

May I ask what you are selling? How many items is it? Do you need to keep records beyond paypal? Is this a virtual item or real items?
i'm looking into selling things like t-shirts, stickers, and possibly mousepads and calendars.
i don't think i'd need much in the way of inventory records unless things go REALLY well and sales are great. i don't think i'd have any virtual items really.
i guess no one really does this, huh? not even with a paypal and an extra template page?
whats this plugin you speak of?
He meant making a plugin would be to complex. If you really want to sell things and keep an eye on it, I add a special script to your site. There are a few scripts that support PayPal payment of things you add to the store before.