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Full Version: Cannot change my logo?
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The default logo path is images/logo.gif for me. I have this theme installed:

How do I change the default logo to something of my own?

Edit: The default path is images/logo.gif

I uploaded my own logo to the images folder and named it logo.png and set the path for the logo as images/logo.png. Nothing changed Sad

Edit 2: It seems to be a problem with the theme. How can I fix this?
Check the logo location in the header template.
You must go into the header template of your theme and then change the file of the logo you want to use.
This has annoyed me more than just once in the past. I keep forgetting how to do it ¬_¬
Go to your "xml" file,
Find we're it has your logo (<img src"/logo.png or gif" >)
Then change it to : (<img src"your logo file name or url" >)
That should work Smile