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Full Version: User Titles
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User titles can't be edited by members...
It looks like I have it on for members to edit there own User titles.. but.. I hear that it isn't letting nobody do that.. am I missing something?./.. I don't mind if they change the user titles.. I dont want to do it tho for
anyone?.. maybe do I need to delete the user titles that are there..
I mean these
* Newbie (Minimum Posts: 0) [edit] [delete]
* Junior Member (Minimum Posts: 1) [edit] [delete]
* Member (Minimum Posts: 50) [edit] [delete]
* Senior Member (Minimum Posts: 250) [edit] [delete]
* Posting Freak (Minimum Posts: 750) [edit] [delete]
Check usergroup permissions in admincp. THere is a setting to allow/disallow changing of titles. I believe it's default to yes for registered usergroup. However there is still default titles unless they are changed in the usercp.
yes and you can make a prefix e.t:
Thank you both.. I got it.. cool
Thx So useful
Buyt I thought It's defaultt setting in mybb that the user title can be edit
any way thx