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Full Version: A forum for everything.
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Hey, so I'm an admin on, it'd be great if you could check it out. We are always listening to people's suggestions and taking them in and thinking about them. It's not a forum based on a certain theme, it's a general forum for anything.

It'd be great if you could look around.

Before you say anything.
I'm not changing the theme at all, if you think it's not great you can post a suggestion on the forum for Troxin, as he's the owner.
i think your background should be change but overall theme looks good.
Not keen on the attention plugin.
Logo needs more styling.

I like the domain though and looks like you got a good member base.
Very nice forum. Love it.
This looks like a pretty decent forum.
Thanks guys, we're slowly growing, but I guess that's like most forums Smile Also, I'm not going to change the background as I'm not the owner. Thanks for the feedback anyway Big Grin
Very well design

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Good, however I also think you should change the backround because the black is overpowering your other colours.