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Full Version: question about keywords for search engines
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Ok.. some of my questions my sound pretty dumb to people.. but.. im just a newbie.. so.. here is another one.. I made a website sometime back.. it was all html.. no php.. or css.. or anything like that.. just html .. I put keywords in the html doc.. I then used traffic blazer.. ( a search engine program offered by godaddy ).. I put all the key words from the html into the search engines also.. so.. the searches would recognize the key words in my html..

question is.. can I do that here also.. I was gonna get the traffic blazer.. or something.. to try and get my site search engine available.. then I thought about the keywords issue.. where would I put them?.. or is there a totally different way?

Thanks again for any help
SEO questions are tougher to answer. I use this site for mybb support.

Maybe you should signup at and ask questions there. Smile

I could use another member and would be happy to answer your "newbie" questions as best I can.