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Full Version: [Release] Stitch MyBB Theme
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Stitch MyBB Theme

Cost: £10 GBP - Purchase Now!

  • CSS3 Styling
  • Full CSS Button Kit
  • High Quality, Premium Design
  • Free Support for CTF Professional Subscribers


Link: Test Forum
Username: Stitch
Password: 2stitchjmuk2

Any questions, let me know.
The default view of the forum isn't this theme(guests view that is), but from the previews it looks good.
Yes, as I have to demo multiple themes I cannot setup 1 forum for each theme as I don't have the resources. This is why I provided login details to view the theme completely.
I'll work on a theme viewer soon.

Thank you.
You could just use the Theme Chooser plugin, only takes a couple minutes to install and guests can use it. xp
Yer I'm looking for something a bit more elegant.
thanks dude Big Grin
hi nice theme ...................
how can download?
(Sep 02, 2013, 06:41 PM)mand4rins Wrote: [ -> ]how can download?

Subscribe to the forums.
(Sep 02, 2013, 06:41 PM)mand4rins Wrote: [ -> ]how can download?

Sorry I am no longer selling this theme.
Please contact me via PM or Email and ill see if I can dig it out from somewhere for you.
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