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Full Version: How do I use my_ip2long to convert an IP address in Mybb?
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Okay this is what I want to do, if we crack it then as I know from searching everywhere this thread will be in the top of the search engines.

I am getting nothing at the other place which is supposed to be full of top mybb boffins - and my knowledge has run its course.


I wish to point to the IP of a user but... I want this to be using my_ip2long with the math to make the IP a unique 8 digit number.

I need to point to it from Templates - Postbit - posbit_author_guest and posbit_author_user

If you could give me a step by step approach to how to do this it would be greatly appreciated.

The Finished result should look like the user ID here

Example: User ID: 12345678

Thank you very much peeps.