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Full Version: Basic Theme Question
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Theme A


Theme B (for example)

...are both based on MyBB default, with minor changes (for using on a few sites, not redistributing)
  • I save 'A' as 'theme A' and 'B' as 'theme 'B' and export each one.
  • Now when I want to use it on a new site, the members need to be able to choose between A and B
  • How do I set up the image folders?

Does every theme need this?:
myBBdirectory > images > Theme name > "all images here, including copies of the ones which were not changed"

Or more like this?:

myBBdirectory > images > Theme name > 'only images here which are different from the default'
I can poke around and figure it out eventually, but I'd rather learn in advance.

Thank you very much.
You're going to need the one from before.

MyBB>images>theme directory>all images. Simple.
Good to know, thanks.