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This is not an official release. This is a pre-release. Once the plugin is complete, the official release will take place.

Site -

About- Going to be a exchange group website. I am paying someone to make a custom plugin that will lead the website to its success. (Not releasing what it is / what it does)

Will be updating the logo soon to something more professional.

-Sticky on HF
-Member Contests
-Pay to Post (Only at first)
-That Forum where people get paid to post (Can't remember the actual name =/)
-Overall, I'm pumping in $200 around to advertise

Misc. -
-Will be putting an adsense ad on the footer
-Paid Membership (Get more benefits --
-Users can buy / sell Yums (The currency on the forum)

Post your feedback below. I am stuck on what forum categories to add