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Pros: fast, multiple docks that's more helpful than Home 's powerstrip

Cons: difficult to configure in comparison to others, no theme support

Go Launcher Ex, Sketch Theme

Go Launcher Ex

Go Launcher, when initially released, feels as though an overseas clone of LauncherPro (examined earlier) having a task manager, converted back to British. This really is understandable because the team of developers has run out of China. However, the newest version continues to be totally rewritten and today has theme support, which puts it a measure in front of even LauncherPro.

The appdrawer provides a 3 tabbed version: all, recent, and running. We have an integrated task manager. You are able to get rid of the applications from the application drawer. It supports folders and direct application management (press and hold an application icon to appear a menu) As I personally don't not task murders much, it's nice to be immediately. Also, the integrated application manager can also be excellent.

It matches Launcher Professional feature for feature. It's live wallpapers, scrollable docks, custom background for docks, global upswipe (they refer to it as upglide) and downswipe gestures, greater power grid density, and much more.

The application includes a separate "notifier" application launched individually. Many people are frightened from the permissions necessary for the primary application to see SMS messages, Gmail, and so forth. It's simply to count the messages. This provides the paranoid satisfaction... Don't load the notifier if you're frightened of it.

The styles to date looks very good. Most styles can't skin every icon, therefore the symbols clash. GLE's styles added a "background" towards the symbols that made the symbols right into a button thus the symbols don't clash anymore using the theme. Several free styles are actually available, but more is going to be not far off once the specs are launched.

Speed is very decent on my small overclocked Android.

With the help of styles (which can make it a little more apple iphone-like) this really is the best choice among free Launchers

Pros: Scrollable pier with 15 cutting corners, task manager within the application drawer, styles... everything?

Cons: I truly can't think about any at this time

Verdict: if you would like styles AND LauncherPro abilities this is actually the application to obtain

PandaHome, running "Fireworks" Live Wallpaper. and "Ancient Things" theme.

Application Draweris open, and also the right shortcut drawer can also be open.

Ways to get MORE styles for PandaHome

Most free styles on Android Market download like a program, or "apk" file, but a style for Pandahome comes complete as "apt". Therefore, you may need a program to relabel the file around the device, then open it up from inside Pandahome (hit menu, Pandahome config, then menu again, then "install local apt file").

The way you relabel the file around the device can be you, but you need to use something similar to ASTRO Explorer, with a excellent search function. Also, not every styles are mix-compatible. GDE styles don't appear to operate, for instance.

PandaHome 2

PandaHome, also called "91PandaHome", was for any lengthy as the only full featured free Home Alternative / Launcher that supports styles. However, the years have passed it by, departing it mostly a relic from the Android 1.6 / 2.01 era. Modern launchers tend to be better, provides more features, and so forth.

The built-in theme manager is a little glitchy in installing new styles. However, it *does* have numerous free styles you are able to download and employ. And PandaHome still supports live Wallpaper.

app empire
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